Re: Corpora: Historical background of Corpus Linguistics

From: edwards@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 21:33:12 MET DST

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    Regarding the historical background of Corpus Linguistics,
    this would be my top recommendation:

      Francis, W.N. Language Corpora B.C. Paper Presented at the Nobel
       Symposium on Corpus Linguistics, Stockholm, August 4-8, 1991.
       In Directions in Corpus Linguistics, ed. J. Svartvik, Berlin and
       New York: Moutin, 1992.

    Best Wishes,

    -Jane Edwards


    >From Tue Apr 16 10:37 PDT 2002
    >From: Charo de Felipe <>
    >Subject: Corpora: Historical background of Corpus Linguistics

    >Dear list members,

    >I am currently working on the "historical" background of Corpus
    >Linguistics, from the beginning to the present time. I would
    >really appreciate if anybody could help me with it.

    >Thanks a lot,
    >Charo de Felipe
    >Department of English and German Studies
    >Faculty of English Philology, Valladolid, SPAIN

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