Re: Corpora: Historical background of Corpus Linguistics

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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 13:25:28 MET DST

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    Dear Charo de Felipe and Ramesh

    Some of the early publications by Sinclair have appeared in the following
    collection, such as his 1966 'beginning the study of lexis' paper:

    Foley, J. A. (Ed.). (1996). *J M Sinclair on Lexis and Lexicography*. Singapore:

    The 1970 OSTI report is not included there, though.

    Dr Tony Berber Sardinha
    (Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
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    Subject: Corpora: Historical background of Corpus Linguistics

    > Dear Charo de Felipe
    > As far as I know, one of the earliest (perhaps *the* earliest)
    > publication of linguistic research using an electronic corpus
    > was:
    > J. McH. Sinclair, S. Jones, and R. Daley
    > English Lexical Studies:
    > Report to OSTI on Project C/LP/08
    > Department of English
    > University of Birmingham
    > January 1970
    > Unfortunately, very few copies of this seminal work
    > were made publicly available, so it may also be of
    > interest that it is currently being prepared for
    > re-publication by Birmingham University, and will
    > probably appear later this year.
    > Best wishes
    > Ramesh
    > Ramesh Krishnamurthy
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    > Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton;
    > Consultant, Cobuild and Bank of English Corpus, Collins Dictionaries.

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