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Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 22:46:05 MET DST

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    Dear Charo,

    You've probably already checked some of the introductory CL textbooks but
    just in case you haven't, there is a section on pre-electronic corpora in
    Graeme Kennedy's 1998 "An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics" and a chapter
    on early corpus linguistics in McEnery/Wilson's "Corpus Linguistics" (second
    edition 2001). There are some references to early corpus-based studies in
    both books that might be helpful to find out more about the history of CL.
    Elena Tognini Bonelli also provides a historical background to CL and writes
    different (early and present) traditions of text analysis and corpora use in
    her books
    "Corpus Theory and Practice" (1996, TWC publications) and "Corpus
    Linguistics at Work" (2001, Benjamins).

    Hope this helps!
    All the best from Cologne,

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    > Dear list members,
    > I am currently working on the "historical" background of Corpus
    > from the beginning to the present time. I would really appreciate if
    > could help me with it.
    > Thanks a lot,
    > Charo de Felipe
    > Department of English and German Studies
    > Faculty of English Philology, Valladolid, SPAIN

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