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Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 18:57:52 MET DST

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    We would very much appreciate it if you could spread the word about
    this course. A poster, for noticeboards, is available at



                 MSc in Lexical Computing and Lexicography
                 University of Brighton



                 A groundbreaking new MSc programme
    The field The MSc links two fast-growing areas in research and
                 commerce. Modern dictionaries are compiled through
                 increasing use of language technology, while language
                 technology applications demand lexical resources of
                 ever-increasing quality to improve their performance
    Skills * analysis of language data
                 * write entries for dictionaries and computer lexicons
                 * plan and manage lexical resource projects
                 * automatic processing of language corpora

    Who? * graduates in languages, linguistics or computer
                     science wishing to specialize
                 * experienced professionals wishing to consolidate their
                 * full time or part time
                 * individual modules may be taken as stand-alone courses

    Prospects Graduates of the MSc will be well placed to take up posts
                 * dictionary publishing, as lexicographers or computer
                 * software companies involved in language technology
                 * PhD study and research
    Where? The course is run by the Information Technology Research
                 Institute, a research institute specialising in language
                 and computation, and takes place in Brighton, a vibrant
                 and cosmopolitan seaside city one hour from London


                 MSc Lexical Computing and Lexicography
                 University of Brighton
                 Lewes Road
                 Brighton BN2 4GJ

                 tel: +44 1273 642900
                 fax: +44 1273 642908


                 Thank you very much,

                   Yours sincerely,

                       Adam Kilgarriff
                       Course Leader

    Adam Kilgarriff
    Senior Research Fellow tel: (44) 1273 642919

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