Corpora: Postdoc at Stanford on learning semantics from text

Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 20:08:11 MET DST

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    We have postdoc opportunities for one, or possibly two, people to join
    the Stanford NLP group, to work on topics in the general area of mapping
    from text to meaning. Particular topics of interest include mapping
    from syntactic parse trees to semantic relational structures, and from
    there to semantic schemas which support probabilistic reasoning;
    syntax-guided information extraction; topics in probabilistic parsing;
    and applications of information extraction to educational resources.

    The general approach of interest combines probabilistic models and
    modern machine learning methods with a richer representational basis
    than has standardly been used in statistical NLP applications. An ideal
    applicant would have extensive experience in statistical approaches to
    machine learning and NLP, but also some experience of rich grammar
    formalisms and semantics/knowledge representation formalisms. We're
    also looking for someone with good programming skills, preferably
    including Java. These are grant-funded positions, and the postdoc would
    need to contribute to project goals. The postdoc(s) will last for 2

    To apply, please send a cover letter, particularly emphasizing relevant
    background, project experience, and current research interests, and your
    CV, and arrange for 2 or 3 references to be sent to the address below
    (post or by email). Informal inquiries can also be directed to the
    address below. The position will be open until filled, but full
    consideration will certainly be given to any applications received by
    the end of June.

    More information about NLP at Stanford can be found on the NLP Group
    homepage at: . Stanford offers unparalleled
    opportunities in computer science, and the Stanford NLP group cooperates
    closely with other NLP activities at CSLI and at Berkeley.


    Christopher Manning Dept of Computer Science, Gates 4A, 353 Serra Mall, Stanford CA 94305-9040, USA

    E W +1 (650) 723-7683 F +1 (650) 725-2588

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