Corpora: Sum, the 2nd: Adjective usage: attr. vs. pred.

From: Stefan Th. Gries (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 22:02:11 MET DST

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    Dear subscribers

    In February, I posted a query on relative frequencies of attributive vs.
    predicative usage to the list. After my summary of responses on 6 April, a
    few other subscribers were so kind to send me some further replies, which I
    summarise in what follows.

    Tony Bastow ( was so kind to let me have a copy of a
    small paper of his on evaluative adjectives, also providing some frequency
       Chris Brew ( referred me to Neal Whitman
    ( who is finishing up a Ph.D that touches on this,
    using corpus and newspaper data.
       Arne Fitschen" (fitschen@IMS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE) provided some German
    frequency data of two small hand-tagged newspaper corpora (with a ratio of
    more than 2:1 of attributive:predicative usage)
       Ute Römer ( brought my attention ot the following
    source: Merja Kytö and Suzanne Romaine "Competing forms of adjective
    comparison in modern English: What could be more quicker and easier and more
    effective?" (online at
       Pete Whitelock ( provided me with raw
    frequency data of adjectives in the Brown corpus.

    Hoping that I have not forgotten anyone's reply, thanks again to all who

    Stefan Th. Gries
    IFKI, Southern Denmark University

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