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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 02:57:46 MET DST

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    The Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) is very pleased to
    announce the ACL Anthology and the ACL Anthology Fund.

    To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Association for Computational
    Linguistics, the ACL is currently digitizing all ACL and COLING conference
    proceedings, all ACL Chapter proceedings, the journal Computational
    Linguistics, all ACL and COLING workshop proceedings, etc. All materials
    will be published on the web with open access. A DVD publication is also

    The first stage of the anthology consists of two decades of conference
    proceedings: 39 volumes, one 2'6" / 75cm shelf, 2,100 papers, 13,000 pages.
    These materials, and a description of the digitization project, are
    available from: (temporary site only)

    The ACL requests your help to support this effort financially. The ACL has
    requested donations from institutions and individuals around the world,
    including the EU, ARDA, NSF, DARPA, the DFKI, USC/ISI, and others. ACL has
    created four sponsorship levels:

    - gold: $10,000 and over
    - silver: $5000 to $9999
    - bronze: $1000 to $4999
    - donor: under $1000

    Sponsors will be recognized by name and/or institution on the website, on
    the DVD, and also in public at the conference.

    In order to support this effort please send a check, made out to the ACL
    Anthology Fund, to

    Priscilla Rasmussen
    ACL Office
    75 Paterson Street, Suite 4
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901

    tel: +1 732 342-9100
    fax: +1 732 342-9339


    The ACL and ICCL hold copyright on all the volumes being scanned. However,
    in the case of proceedings volumes, this copyright only applies to the
    compilation; the copyright of the individual papers remains with the
    authors. It is the intention of the ACL to disseminate all of these
    materials for free public access, to house them in a permanent digital
    archive, and to publish them on DVD. Any authors who object to having their
    ACL or COLING papers included in the anthology should contact Steven Bird
    ( to have their papers removed.

    Association for Computational Linguistics  --

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