Re: Corpora: sgml detagger

From: Michael Betsch (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 09:44:54 MET DST

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    It will probably be more easy to use an existing sgml parser than to
    write a script that can really identify _all_ possible tags and
    remove them.

    The (freely available) parser onsgmls has in its output format all
    data content on lines of their own, which are prefixed by a "-". So
    you can simply run onsgmls on your sgml-files and retain only those
    lines that start with "-". (using 'grep -e "^-"'); then you can
    easily remove the leading "-" with perl or something similar. This
    assumes that all data is good and not e.g. a javascript, which you
    will probably not want to include in your corpus.


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