Corpora: Q: CL/LT in Nordic CALL

From: Lars Borin (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 10:11:29 MET

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    Dear all,

    For two different, but related research projects
    <>), we need to make a survey
    of other research projects, as well as finished products, where
    Computational Linguistics (CL) or Language Technology (LT) resources are
    used in systems for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) of Nordic

    For the purposes of this survey, the Nordic languages are all languages
    with some official recognition in the Nordic area, i.e. the national
    languages Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian-Bokmål, Norwegian-Nynorsk
    and Swedish, the official regional languages Faroese and Greenlandic Inuit,
    and the recognized regional or minority languages Meänkieli, Romani, Sámi
    and Yiddish (please do not think too harshly of me if I have got the
    terminology wrong or left out some language).

    The CL/LT resources we have in mind are both software (POS taggers,
    parsers, machine translation systems, speech recognizers, etc.) and data
    (corpora, lexical resources such as wordnets, etc.).

    So, if you are involved in such an endeavour, or know about one, please
    send me as much information as you can about it. Pointers to publications
    and web sites are especially welcome. Please reply to me directly, and not
    to the list. I will provide a summary to the list if there is a sufficient
    number of replies. BTW: In addition to English, replies in any of the
    continental Scandinavian languages or Finnish will be understood.

    Lars Borin
    Dept. of Linguistics, Stockholm University, SWEDEN
    Dept. of Linguistics, Uppsala University, SWEDEN
    email: <>, <>
    WWW: <>

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