Corpora: CORIS/CODIS Italian corpus available

From: Fabio Tamburini (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 15:31:19 MET

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    CORIS/CODIS, a 100-million-word corpus of contemporary written Italian,
    is available on line.

    The current version of the CORIS/CODIS corpus is available on-line for
    research purposes, for people employed in academic and research
    institutions, and will continue to be available free of charge, on an
    experimental basis, until the release of the final version. Before
    signing the agreement, to obtain personal access to the corpus, the demo
    version corpus may be consulted, using the data retrieval software on the

    We suggest you go to the presentation at:

    Here you can find a detailed description of the corpus construction and a
    note about how to obtain personal access.

    For any further information write to

    Fabio Tamburini
    CILTA - University of Bologna - ITALY

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