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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 11:47:57 MET

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                            First CALL for PAPERS

    Workshop: Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics (QITL)

    October 3-5, 2002
    University of Osnabrück

    Theoretical research into the nature of the human language faculty
    (generative grammar, in the broadest sense) often appears only
    distantly related to quantitative investigation of linguistic
    performace data ("empiricial" linguistics), if at all. Certainly,
    theoretical linguistics has for its part traditionally denied the
    applicability of quantitative methods to central linguistic questions,
    while researchers applying sophisticated quantitative methods to
    language have often taken pains to distance themself from (and
    occasionally been highly critical of) the basic premises of
    generative linguistics.

    It is our firm conviction, however, that quantitative research can
    contribute significantly to our understanding of the human language
    faculty and that only in the presence of a well-developed linguistic
    theory can quantitative methods be fruitfully applied to questions of
    language use and interpretation. We are heartened by the fact that in
    recent years there has been a slow but steady outpouring of research
    which combines a generative outlook on linguistics with sophisticated
    use of quantitative methods.

    The purpose of this workshop, then, is to provide a forum for such
    research. We envision a relatively small workshop (10-15 talks) in
    researchers using sophisticated quantitative methods to investigate
    the structure of the human language faculty can share their
    work. Topics of interest range from from the use of specialized
    statistical models, like LNRE models for the measure of morphological
    productivity, to studies of degrees of grammaticality and lexical
    biases. The focus should be on the linguistic question, not
    computational linguistic applications, and how quantitative methods
    can be used address them.

    We invite interested researchers to submit abstracts for 40 minute
    talks (plus 20 minutes discussion). Abstracts should be no longer than
    one page PLUS a separate page for figures and references. Electronic
    submission (postscript, pdf, rtf) is strongly preferred.

    Graham Katz & Anke Lüdeling
    University of Osnabrück
    Institute for Cognitive Science
    Harald Baayen
    University of Nijmegen
    Interfaculty Research Unit for Language and Speech

    Programme Committee
    Rens Bod
    Peter Bosch
    Walter Daelemans
    Stefan Evert
    Jennifer Hay
    Frank Keller
    Brigitte Krenn
    Jonas Kuhn
    Paola Merlo

    Important Dates

    Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 01, 2002
    Date of notification: July 01, 2002

    Contact address:
    snail mail: Anke Lüdeling, IKW, Universität Osnabrück,
    Katharinenstr. 24, 49069 Osnabrück, Germany

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