Job Openings at BBN

Sean Boisen (
Fri, 28 Jul 95 11:26:31 -0400

Job Openings in Speech and Language Processing
BBN Systems and Technologies,
Cambridge, MA

The Speech and Language Processing Department at Bolt Beranek and
Newman Inc. has several exciting positions in speech recognition,
language understanding and character recognition. To apply send your
resume and indication of which position you are interested in to
Karen Nicholson (


Applied Computational Linguist

Work with a research team to develop fieldable technology including
advance prototypes and products in information extraction systems,
including name recognition and template fill from newswire.
Experience in applying computational linguistics to real applications,
excellent skills as a programmer in C/C++/Lisp, and degree in computer
science or related field required. U.S. Citizenship and willingness
to get a DoD clearance required.

Statistical Computational Linguist

Reserach and development of new techniques and software for
processing large corpora, including languages other than English, and
language modeling for speech and NL systems. Masters or PhD in
computer science or related area, strong math/stat background, strong
C programming skills required. Experience in Lisp, Splus, Perl
a plus. U.S. Citizenship and fluency in a second language desirable.

Entry Level Researcher

Participate in a research group developing algorithms and building
systems for advanced speech and language technologies, provide support
by implementing algorithms, running experiments, collecting and
analyzing data. Bachelor's level in computer science, engineering, or
related field, excellent undergraduate GPA, experience in university
research lab or summer internship, and programming skills in C/C++ and
UNIX required. Some experience in speech or language technology a
plus. U.S. Citizenship and willingness to get a DoD clearance

Applications Engineer

Design and implement applications at the cutting edge of speech and
language technology, such as medical dictation, reading and language
learning assistants, transcription of telephone speech for deaf
listeners, topic identification from video, voice mail transcription,
information extraction systems. Requirements: Extensive experience in
advance technology software systems, including product-level code and
documentation; master level programmer in C/C++, with at least one
year's experience each in Unix and MS Windows; experience in graphical
user interfaces; Bachelor's or Masters degree in computer science.
Lisp experience helpful. Experience in fields related to speech and
natural language a plus. U.S. Citizenship and willingness
to get a DoD clearance desirable.

Algorithm Developer

Work with a research team designing and implementing algorithms for
large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, systems incorporating
voice input and output such as spoken language systems, and optical
character recognition. Requirements include Master's in computer
science, mathematics, engineering, or related field or equivalent
expereince and excellent programming skills in C/C++ and UNIX.
Background in one or more of the following areas desirable:
statistical modeling, pattern recognition, speech processing,
character recognition. Knowledge of LISP, SPlus, and Perl a plus.

The Speech and Language Processing Department of BBN Systems and
Technologies, a subsidiary of Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (NYSE:BBN),
has been a world leader in computer-based speech and language research
and development for 25 years. The department continues to make
cutting-edge advances in the areas of speech recognition, speaker and
language identification, natural language understanding, interactive
spoken language systems, and data extraction from text.