AISB96 Call for Workshop Proposals

Alison White (
Fri, 28 Jul 95 14:16 BST


Call for Workshop Proposals: AISB-96

University of Sussex,
Brighton, England

April 1 -- 2, 1996

Society for the Study of
Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (SSAISB)

Workshop Series Chair: Dave Cliff, University of Sussex
Local Organisation Chair: Alison White, University of Sussex

The AISB is the UK's largest and foremost Artificial Intelligence society --
now in it's 32nd year. The Society has an international membership of nearly
900 drawn from both academia and industry. Membership is open to anyone with
interests in Artifical Intelligence and the Cognitive and Computing Sciences.

The AISB Committee invites proposals for workshops to be held at the
University of Sussex campus, on April 1st and 2nd, 1996. The AISB workshop
series is held in even years during the Easter vacation. In odd years
workshops are held immediately before the biennial conference.

The intention of holding a regular workshop series is to provide an
administrative and organisational framework for workshop organisers, thus
reducing the administrative burden for individuals and freeing them to focus
on the scientific programme. Accommodation, food, and social events are
organised for all workshop participants by the local organisers.

Proposals are invited for workshops relating to any aspect of Artificial
Intelligence or the Simulation of Behaviour.

Proposals, from an individual or a pair of organisers, for workshops between
0.5 and 2 days long will be considered. Workshops will probably address topics
which are at the forefront of research, but perhaps not yet sufficiently
developed to warrant a full-scale conference.

In addition to research workshops, a 'Postgraduate Workshop' has become a
successful regular event over recent years. This event focuses on how to
survive the process of studying for a PhD in AI/Cognitive Science, and has a
hybrid workshop/tutorial nature. We welcome proposals, particularly from
current PhD survivors, to organise the 1996 Postgraduate Workshop at Sussex.

For further information on organising the postgraduate workshop, please see
the AISB96 web page (address below) or contact Dave Cliff or Alison White.

Proposals for tutorials will also be considered, and will be assessed on
individual merit: please contact Dave Cliff or Alison White for further
details of submission of tutorial proposals. It is the general policy of AISB
to only approve tutorials which look likely to be financially viable.

A workshop proposal should contain the following information:

1. Workshop Title

2. A detailed outline of the workshop.
This should include the necessary background and the potential target
audience for the workshop and a justified estimate of the number of
possible attendees. Please also state the length and preferred date(s) of
the workshop. Specify any equipment requirements, indicating whether the
organisers would be expected to meet them.

3. A brief resume of the organiser(s).
This should include: background in the research area, references to
published work in the topic area and relevant experience, such as
previous organisation or chairing of workshops.

4. Administrative information.
This should include: name, mailing address, phone number, fax, and
email address if available. In the case of multiple organisers,
information for each organiser should be provided, but one organiser
should be identified as the principal contact.

5. A draft Call for Participation.
This should serve the dual purposes of informing and attracting
potential participants.

The organisers of accepted workshops are responsible for issuing a call for
participation, reviewing requests to participate and scheduling the workshop
activities within the constraints set by the Workshop Organiser. They are also
responsible for submitting a collated set of papers for their workshop to the
Workshop Series Chair. Workshop participants will receive bound photocopies of
the collated set of papers, with copyright retained by the authors. Individual
workshop organisers may wish to approach publishers to discuss publication of
workshop papers in journal or book forms.


Intentions to organise a workshop should be made known to the Workshop
Series Chair (Dave Cliff) as soon as possible.

Proposals must be received by October 1st 1995.

Workshop organisers will be notified by October 15th 1995. Organisers
should be prepared to send out calls for workshop participation as soon as
possible after this date.

Collated sets of papers to be received by March 15th 1996.

Proposals should be sent to:

Dave Cliff
AISB96 Workshop Series Chair
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QH

phone: +44 1273 678754
fax: +44 1273 671320

Electronic submission (plain ascii text) is highly preferred, but hard copy
submission is also accepted, in which case 5 copies should be submitted.
Proposals should not exceed 2 sides of A4 (i.e. 120 lines of text approx.).

General enquiries should be addressed to:

Alison White
AISB96 Local Organisation Chair
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QH

phone: +44 1273 678448
fax: +44 1273 671320

A copy of this call, with further details for workshop organisers (including a
full schedule), is available on the WWW from:

A plain-ASCII version of the web page is available via anonymous ftp from:

% ftp
login: anonymous
password: [your_email@your_address]
ftp cd pub/aisb/aisb96
ftp get [filename]*
ftp quit

* Files available at present are: