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Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 18:01:41 MET DST

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    Mikko Lounela wrote:
    > about two weeks ago I posted a query about corpus metadata. I also
    > promised to post a summary. Thank you very much for the answers (total
    > 8), and here is the summary.

    Two of these messages mentioned OLAC, the Open Language Archives Community.
    The Linguistic Data Consortium now documents all of its corpora using the
    OLAC metadata set. Other language resource institutions are involved,
    including ATILF, DFKI, ELRA, LINGUIST, SIL, and more than a dozen others.

    The benefits of using OLAC metadata are that it is very easy to use and
    the infrastructure for indexing and search is already in place. Please see for full details.

    Steven Bird

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