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Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 03:21:14 MET DST

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                             Call for Papers

                    Workshop: 2nd or 3rd December 2002
                        (exact date to be confirmed)
                     Submissions due: 31st July 2002
                           Canberra, Australia


    A one-day workshop on Natural Language Processing will be held in
    conjunction with the Australian AI conference (AI'02) in Canberra:

    The goals of the workshop are:

       * to bring together the growing NLP community in Australia and New
       * to provide an opportunity for the broader artificial intelligence
         community to become aware of local NLP research;
       * to provide a forum for discussion of new research;
       * to foster interaction between academic and industrial research.

    Our hope is to get as many Australasian NLPers together as possible to
    encourage dialogue between those working on similar topics and between
    areas with a - perhaps as yet untapped - potential to interact.

    Currently under negotiation, the name of our internationally renowned
    invited speaker will be announced soon.

    The workshop proceedings will be printed with an ISBN number.


    We invite the submission of papers on substantial, original, and
    unpublished research on all aspects of natural language processing,
    including, but not limited to:

       * speech understanding and generation;
       * phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and
       * interpreting and generating spoken and written language;
       * linguistic, mathematical, and psychological models of language;
       * language-oriented information extraction and retrieval;
       * corpus-based and statistical language modeling;
       * machine translation and translation aids;
       * natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
       * message and narrative understanding systems;
       * computational lexicography.

    We welcome submissions on any topic that is of interest to the NLP
    community, but we particularly encourage submissions that broaden the
    scope of our community through the consideration of practical NLP
    applications. We especially invite people from industry working on NLP
    to send us their submissions and offer an opportunity to discuss and
    demonstrate their latest applications in front of an informed


       * Diego Molla-Aliod, Macquarie University (Co-chair)
       * Sabine Geldof, Macquarie University (Co-chair)
       * Dominique Estival, Human Systems Integration Group, DSTO (AU)
       * Alistair Knott, University of Otago (NZ)
       * Christopher Manning, Stanford University (USA)
       * Cecile Paris, CSIRO (AU)
       * Jon Patrick, University of Sydney (AU)
       * Graeme Ritchie, University of Edinburgh (UK)
       * Peter Wallis, University of Melbourne (AU)
       * Eric Wehrli, University of Geneva (CH)


    The length of the submissions should not exceed 8 pages, printed
    single-spaced in 11 point font. For the camera-ready version of the
    papers, please follow the instructions detailed on the workshop's
    homepage (instructions for authors).

    The first page of your submission should include:

       - paper title,
       - author name(s) and affiliation,
       - complete addresses including email address and fax number,
       - keywords,
       - abstract.

    Only electronic submissions of PDF or PostScript files will be
    accepted. If we cannot print your file by the submission date it will
    be rejected without being reviewed. Therefore you are encouraged to
    send an early version with the typographical complexity of your final
    intended version so that we can check it is printable. Electronic
    submissions should be sent to


    Paper submission: Wednesday 31st July 2002
    Notification of acceptance: Monday 16th September 2002
    Camera-ready copy: Wednesday 16th October 2002
                    2nd or 3rd December 2002
                                     (to be confirmed)


    The ANLP2002 webpage will regularly be updated with useful information
    about the workshop:

    You can contact the workshop organisers for further information:

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