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Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 22:56:41 MET DST

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    Call for Abstracts for the AMTA workshop on Customization Strategies for


    Machine translation systems must have customization capabilities in
    order to claim success as a commercial product or a research prototype.
    Minimally, these include the ability to add translations for new words
    and phrases, but may also include more sophisticated functionality such
    as adapting to new syntactic structures or writing styles, and may even
    be the means of acquiring all the system's translation knowledge (e.g.,
    in statistical systems), We propose to bring MT developers and
    researchers together to discuss the customization capabilities of their
    systems, with an emphasis on using common data for the discussion.


    This workshop is intended to cover all types of customization
    strategies, although preference in selection will be given to novel
    strategies. We encourage participation from MT developers of commercial
    systems, and researchers working on all types of MT systems (traditional
    transfer, interlingua, example-based, or statistical).


    To make the discussion more interesting, we request that participants
    demonstrate the customization capabilities of their system using data
    freely available to everyone, such as Hansard data for French-English or
    other data available from ELRA or LDC. Microsoft has also agreed to
    make technical manual data available for several language pairs (English
    and any of these: French, Spanish, German, Japanese) for purposes of
    research related to this workshop. (For access to this data please send
    email to


    We request that interested parties submit a two page abstract with the
    following information:

    - overview of your MT system

    - description of customization capabilities

    - comparison of this strategy to other known strategies

    - data that will be used to test capability

    - proposed evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the

    - estimate of time that would be required to customize for the
    chosen domain, based on your sample run.



                Call for participation: June 8

                Abstract submission deadline: July 7

                Acceptance notification: July 22

                Early registration for AMTA: July 31

                Papers due:
    September 6

                AMTA workshop October 8


    Instructions for submission:


    All submissions should be in English, and it is recommended that they be
    submitted in one of the following three formats: PDF (preferred);
    PostScript; Microsoft Word. All submissions will be received and
    processed using the Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) located at


    Authors should follow the instructions at the CMT web site to register,
    enter information about themselves and their abstract, and upload a copy
    of their abstract in one of the acceptable formats by the submission
    deadline. Report any problems with the website to


    For information on obtaining Microsoft Data to participate in the
    workshop, please contact


    Organizers: Jessie Pinkham, Deborah Coughlin, Bill Dolan

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