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Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 16:00:54 MET DST

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    Gil Graf writes:
    > is there any encoding, except utf16, which uses the
    > control range (0-31) in a way different than ASCII ?
    > more specifically, is it safe to cut off text at 10
    > (normally newline) or 32 (normally space) bytes?

    The question presumes you are looking at characters in terms of 8-bit
    bytes instead of abstract character units consisting of one or more

    There are some C0 code points you may want to keep:

    0x09 Horizontal Tab
    0x0A Line Feed
    0x0D Carriage Return

    I presume you are using a multibyte character encoding in your data:
    in that case all instances I can think of (including UTF-8) share the
    C0 range. The two- and four-byte encodings of Unicode also have the C0
    code points, but at a byte-level these may have leading or trailing
    0x00 depending on the endianness of the machine you are on.

    If you are working with C and are using the wchar_t type, then it is
    possible that the system is using UTF-32/UCS-4 as the underlying
    character type, in which case the encoding is less of an issue and you
    can think only in terms of codepoint.



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