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Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 19:06:42 MET DST

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                   Workshop Announcement!

      Workshop on Morphological and Phonological Learning

                      Philadelphia, PA
                        11 July 2002

                      Sixth Meeting of the
     ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology
                      in cooperation with
    ACL Special Interest Group in Natural Language Learning
                      sponsored by the
            Association for Computational Linguistics


    The Workshop on Morphological and Phonological Learning will
    be held July 11 2002, immediately after the ACL-02 meetings
    at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    Pennsylvania, USA. Among the topics are the automated
    or semi-automated discovery of morphology and/or phonology,
    and the evaluation and comparison of morphology learning


    The list of papers to be presented is as follows:

    Invited Speaker: David Yarowsky
    "Bootstrapping morphological analyzers from monolingual and
    bilingual data--building multimodal bridges"

    Utpal Sharma, Jugal Kalita, and Rajib Das
    "Unsupervised Learning of Morphology for Building Lexicon
    for a Highly Inflectional Language"

    Matthew G. Snover, Gaja E. Jarosz, and Michael R. Brent
    "Unuspervised Learning of Morphology Using a Novel Directed
    Search Algorithm: Taking the First Step"

    Mathias Creutz and Krista Lagus
    "Unsupervised Discovery of Morphemes"

    Sylvain Neuvel and Sean A. Fulop
    "Unsupervised Learning of Morphology Without Morphemes"

    Invited Paper: Mikhail Belkin and John Goldsmith
    "Using the eigenvectors of the bigram graph to infer
    morpheme identity"

    Marco Baroni, Johannes Matiasek, and Harald Trost
    "Unsupervised discovery of morphologically related words
    based on orthographic and semantic similarity"

    Invited Paper: Adam Albright and Bruce Hayes
    "Modeling English Past Tense Intuitions with Minimal

    Karin M?
    "Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Phonology"


    Further details on the workshop can be found at

    The ACL-2002 website is, where you
    will find registration and accomodation information. Please
    note that you must register for ACL-2002 itself in order to
    register for the workshop. Early registration (at a reduced
    rate) is available through June 14.


      Mike Maxwell
      Chair, Workshop on Morphological and Phonological Learning

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