Corpora: CALL FOR PAPERS: 7th TELRI SEMINAR in DUBROVNIK, September 2002

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Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 11:24:15 MET DST

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    CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline: June 30th

    The 7th TELRI Seminar
    "Information in Corpora"

    Dubrovnik: September 26-28

    Organiser: TELRI Association
    Centre for Corpus Linguistics, University of Birmingham
    Local organiser: Institute of Linguistics, Faculty of Philosopy,
    University of Zagreb

    We invite the submission of papers for the forthcoming 7th TELRI
    seminar, to be held in picturesque Dubrovnik from 26-28 September 2002
    in the International Centre of Croatian Universities.

    'Information in Corpora' can be understood to mean a variety of things.
    We are interested in finding out what words and phrases mean, what texts
    are about and what it means to translate them into a different language.
    Corpus linguistics is committed to automatic analysis. It uses
    categorical information, but wants to make sure that the categories it
    works with are not in conflict with corpus evidence. It deals with
    statistical significance, but is aware that our aim must be to match it
    to semantic relevance, as perceived by language users.

    If meanings are a priority for corpus linguists, they know they have to
    find them in the forms from which they cannot be separated. Pattern
    recognition is a vital part of extracting formal information from
    corpora. Identifying, in parallel corpora, translation units, those
    units of meaning that are translated as a whole, and aligning them with
    their target language equivalents refers to a different kind of

    We invite papers on corpus-based/corpus-driven research including, but
    not limited to the following areas:
    * the semantics of corpus linguistics
    * corpus software
    * pattern and meaning
    * working with parallel corpora
    * translation equivalence
    * corpus-driven lexicography
    * corpus and language teaching

    A detailed abstract of the proposed paper, not exceeding 400 words,
    should be sent in electronic form to Louise Matty by June 30, 2002 to
    the following e-mail address:

    All papers will be reviewed by the following programme committee:
    Frantisek Cermak, Prague, The Czech Republic
    Pernilla Danielsson, Birmingham, UK
     Ruta Marcinkeviciene, Kaunas, Lithuania
     John Sinclair, TWC, Italy
     Marko Tadic, Zagreb, Croatia
     Wolfgang Teubert, Birmingham, UK

    Authors will be notified whether their papers are accepted or rejected
    by 15 July 2002. The timeslot given for full presentations is 30 minutes
    (including 10 minutes for discussions).
    The registration fee for the conference is EUR 150/75* for academic
    partners, and EUR 300/150* for industrial partners. The * refers to fees
    for participants from the CEE/NIS. The conference will begin on Thursday
    early afternoon and last till Saturday evening. During the Conference
    there will be a reception on Thursday evening, an excursion on Friday
    late afternoon/evening, and a farewell party on Saturday. On Sunday
    morning there will be an optional local excursion.
    Accommodation details: Hotel Lero, prices 22.80 USD (turistic tax incl.)
    pro person per night in double room
    30.80 USD (turistic tax incl.) pro person per night in single room.
    Please contact us if you have any questions at

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