Corpora: 3 job openings: Researcher/Scientist, Information Retrieval

From: Daniel Fain (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 22:41:50 MET DST

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    We have openings at Overture for up to 3 people in the following capacity:

    Senior Algorithm Researcher/ Scientist - Information Retrieval

    Job Description: Perform applied research and development in areas related
    to information retrieval and natural-language processing

      Initiate and execute applied research projects
      Develop new and innovative algorithms and heuristics
      Build prototypes (hands-on analysis and coding)
      Stay current about state-of-the-art algorithms in the open literature and
    about competing technologies
      Define and meet milestones for project progress
      Understand existing Overture information systems and business

      PhD and research track record in information retrieval, natural-language
    processing, or a related field
      Excellent communication ability; applicants will be required to give a
    30-45 minute presentation on a significant research result in the above
    fields. Unless precluded by nondisclosure agreements, the result should be
    the applicant's own
      Ability to understand business strategy and to translate theoretical
    results into applications
      Willingness to perform applied research that is guided by business
      Programming ability

    Please apply online at

    Dan Fain, PhD
    Director of Research and Development
    Overture Services, Inc.

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