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Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 13:49:10 MET DST

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    Ursala Bellugi is the definitive expert on Linguistics of Sign Language.
    She is/was at the Salk Institute in California. They probably have
    annotated corpora, as she invented a method of annotating signs. Check
    her out.

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    As far as I know, there are no corpora of any sign language. The
    is, of course, that there is no standard transcription format. There
    archives of videotapes in a number of places. At the University of
    California at Berkeley we have developed a system for transcribing sign
    languages at the morphological level, and are working on data of
    Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands--early acquisition by

    deaf children as well as second-language acquisition of sign by their
    hearing parents. Eventually we will contribute these data to the
    international CHILDES archive of child language, but that will be
    years from now. What is your student's interest in sign language? The
    Berkeley Transcription System for signed languages (BTS) is available
    online at:
    http://www.Colorado.EDU/slhs/btsweb/ .

    Dan I. Slobin
    Department of Psychology
    University of California, Berkeley

    At 09:25 PM 5/28/02, P. Kaszubski wrote:
    >Dear Corporeans,
    >A student of mine recently asked me whether I was aware of any
    >corpora of sign language and I was baffled! Can you help?
    >Dr Przemyslaw Kaszubski
    >t: +48 61 8293515
    >PICLE Corpus online access:
    >School of English
    >Adam Mickiewicz University
    >Al. Niepodleglosci 4
    >61-874 Poznan
    >t: +48 61 8293506
    >f: +48 61 8523103

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