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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 14:49:58 MET DST

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    MPhil in Corpus Linguistics

    At the
    Centre for Corpus Linguistics
    University of Birmingham

    Machine-aided translation, information extraction and knowledge
    management are the prime challenges in the booming market of Information
    Technology. Corpus linguistics offers a fresh approach to the core issue
    of semantics that overcomes the inherent shortcomings of traditional
    language engineering. It will spawn a new generation of corpus-driven
    monolingual and bilingual dictionaries as well as multilingual
    translation bases. Corpus linguistics also provides a sound methodology
    for critical discourse analysis, thus linking language studies to social
    studies. More recently, corpus linguistics has been welcomed by language
    teachers because of the help it provides in understanding one's own and
    other languages and its superiority to traditional language teaching

    The University of Birmingham was the home of the pioneering COBUILD
    project, producing the first corpus-based dictionary for general
    purposes. Today, the Centre for Corpus Linguistics has established
    itself as one of the leading institutions studying language on the basis
    of real language data. It provides an unparalleled array of monolingual
    and multilingual language resources and tools (including the 450 million
    word Bank of English), is involved in cutting edge language technology
    projects and is the hub of an international community of corpus experts.

    Our MPhil programme combines the benefits of a taught MA and a research
    degree. It provides excellent research training for students who want to
    upgrade to PhD.

    More information is found at the website given above.

    Enrolment: An on-line application form can be found at Or contact:
    Ms Sheila Brady
    University of Birmingham
    Birmingham B15 2TT

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