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From: Melinda Tan (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 06:41:39 MET DST

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    Announcing a new book!
    Out on 11th June 2002

    "Corpus Studies in Language Education"
    Edited by Melinda Tan
    2002, IELE Press (214 pages)
    ISBN: 974-615-0766
    US $10 (450 Thai Baht)

    This book is the first of its kind: it is made up of a collection of papers
    from scholars in Europe and Asia who describe the applications of corpora in
    various areas of language education. The contributors have made use of a
    corpus-based approach to linguistics in their analyses of authentic data
    taken from different English reference and learner corpora around
    the world.

    Each section of the book introduces the reader to a specific area in language
    education which could benefit from the findings presented by the corpus-based
    investigations in this collection. Clear examples and analyses are given in
    order to present objective evidence for the findings. Two appendices have
    also been provided with useful information to assist readers who might be
    interested in conducting their own corpus-based investigations: a) a list of
    on-line corpus resources in English and b) a background description of the
    first on-line Thai English Learner Corpus (TELC) in South-East Asia.

    Details of the book can be found at or contact Melinda Tan
    for further details.

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