Corpora: Locating hedging devices in written academic discourse using concordancing

From: Brian Dungate (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 18:20:28 MET DST

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    Dear List Members

    Some time ago I asked whether anybody had any useful references or programs
    concerning the use of concordancing to locate hedging terms or devices in
    written academic discourse.

    Sadly, although I received several requests that I should post a summary of
    replies received, only one list member was in a position to assist me on
    this occasion - Peter Crompton, who referred me to his paper, which others
    interested in this research area might well also find useful:

    Crompton, P. (1997). Hedging in Academic Writing: Some Theoretical Problems.
    English for Specific Purposes 16/4, 271-287.

    Brian Dungate
    University of Brighton

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