Corpora: WordSmith and tag attributes

From: Eric Akkerman (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 10:57:51 MET DST

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    Dear list members,

    I have a number of files in which sgml-tags with attributes
    are used to mark different sections, e.g.: <section id=5>.
    Using WordSmith's Concord (version 3), I want to see this
    tag with it's attribute value in the column (nearest)
    "Tag". Following the manual, I made a tag file containing
    the tag description <section id=#>. However, in stead of
    showing the actual attribute value in the Tag-column for
    each concordance line, Concord shows just that: <section
    Does anyone know what I should do to see the actual
    attribute values in the concordance? N.B. I also tried
    <section *>, with the same result.

    Yours kindly,

    Eric Akkerman

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