Corpora: Uses of corpora in research into academic discourse

From: Paul Thompson (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 13:58:47 MET DST

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    I am preparing to write a review article on the uses that have been made
    of corpora in the study of academic discourse, such as in :

    * research into the vocabulary or grammar of academic discourse
    * rhetorical or discourse analysis of academic discourse
    * the preparation of teaching materials for Language for Specific
    Purposes (for example, EAP) courses
    * the provision of data for students to investigate either in language
    learning courses or in language study courses
    * study of discourse varieties, or in cross-linguistic comparisons

    Id like to ask members of the corpora list who have used corpora for
    any of the above purposes (or know of others who have) the following

    What corpus/corpora did you work with? How was the corpus compiled? What
    format is/was it in? Is it publicly available?

    How was the corpus analyzed / investigated? How many people,
    approximately, have used the corpus (if it is possible to put a figure
    on this)?

    When was the research / teaching done, and were there any end products,
    such as software, books, journal articles?

    Please reply directly to me, rather than to the list, and I will publish
    a summary of the responses, towards the end of May.

    Many thanks in advance for your cooperation, and apologies to those who
    have no interest in the subject!


    Dr Paul Thompson
    School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
    Language Resource Centre
    P. O. Box 241
    The University of Reading
    Reading RG6 6WB

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