Corpora: LREC2002 Workshop:Event Modelling for Multilingual Document Linking

From: Roberta Catizone (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 12:01:10 MET DST

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                   Event Modelling for Multilingual Document Linking
                                   LREC 2002 Workshop
                              Las Palmas, Canary Islands
                                      June 2, 2002

                                 The Workshop Programme
    Agenda (Morning Session)

    Technical Papers (8:00-9:20)

    8:00-8:20 'Multilingual Terminology Databanks for Web Mining'
    António Ribeiro, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

    8:20-8:40 'Grammar Learning by Partition Search'
    Anja Belz, ITRI University of Brighton

    8:40-9:00 'A Semantic-driven Approach to Hypertextual Authoring'
    R. Basili, A. Moschitti, M.T. Pazienza and F.M. Zanzotto, University of Rome,
    Tor Vergata

    9:00-9:20 'Advantages of ontology-based user profiling in the NAMIC project'
    Jan De Bo and Ben Majer, VUB STARLab, University of Brussels

    9:20-10:05 Invited Talk 'Methods, representation and linguistic bias
    in Adaptive IE' Roberto Basili, University of Rome, Tor Vergata

    10:05-10:25 Coffee

    Technical Papers (10:25-11:45)

    10:25-10:45 'Description of Events: An Analysis of Keywords and Indexical
    Names' Khurshid Ahmad, Paulo C F de Oliveira, Pensiri Manomaisupat,
    Matthew Casey and Tugba Taskaya, University of Surrey

    10:45-11:05 'Learning IE patterns: a terminolgy extraction perspective.'
    Roberto Basili, Maria Teresa Pazienza, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, University of
    Rome, Tor Vergata

    11:05-11:25 'Unsupervised Event Clustering in Multilingual News Streams'
    Martijn Spitters and Wessel Kraaij, Department of Multimedia Technology &
    Statistics, The Netherlands

    11:25-11:45 'Large-scale Multilingual Information Extraction'
    R. Catizone, A. Setzer and N. Webb, Univeristy of Sheffield

    11:45-12:30 Invited Talk: 'User Driven Information Extraction for the Web'
    Fabio Cirevegna, University of Sheffield

    12:30-1:30 Panel and Round Table on Adaptive Technologies and their implications on
    advanced HLT applications (IR, IE, Q&A and KM)
                    Nino Varile (EC Commission)
                    F. Gardin (AISoftware)
                    Y. Wilks (Univeristy of Sheffield)
                    M.T. Pazienza (University of Rome, Tor Vergata)
                    Francesco Danza (Knowledge Stones S.p.A.)
                    Remi Zajac (Systran Software)

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