Corpora: Complete MICASE corpus available online

From: Rita Carol Simpson (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 16:38:27 MET DST

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    The English Language Institute at the University of Michigan is pleased to
    announce that phase one of the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English
    (MICASE) is now complete, and the corpus is available for research,
    pedagogic applications, and general interest at
    <>. MICASE consists of approximately 1.7
    million words from 152 speech events recorded at the University of
    Michigan between 1997 and 2001, covering a wide range of university spoken

    The database is made freely available (with some restrictions on use of
    the corpus for commercial purposes), through the above-mentioned website,
    which has a custom-designed search engine allowing for a variety of
    searches that take advantage of the detailed speaker and speech event
    attributes encoded in the corpus. The ELI is deeply grateful to the
    Digital Library Production Services of the University Library for their
    generous support of this project.

    Further information about MICASE is also available through the ELI
    website, <>, where we give
    background information, composition of the corpus in terms of
    percentages/words for major speaker and speech event categories, details
    about the transcription and markup scheme, and a list of MICASE-inspired
    presentations and publications.

    Developments planned for the second phase of the project include tagging
    the corpus for part-of-speech, generating a word list of academic speech
    and related lexical statistics, posting selected soundfiles on the
    website, and the development of language teaching and testing materials,
    as well as continued research on grammatical, lexical, and discoursal
    features of academic speech.

    The MICASE team currently includes Rita Simpson (project director), John
    M. Swales (faculty advisor), and Sarah Briggs (testing advisor). General
    inquiries about the project can be directed to Rita <>
    or John <>.

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