Corpora: Swedish Treebank Symposium

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Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 11:41:26 MET DST

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                       SWEDISH TREEBANK SYMPOSIUM
             28-29 November 2002, Växjö University, Sweden
                          Call for Submissions

    The aim of this two-day symposium is to bring together researchers and
    potential users in order to discuss the possibilities of building a
    large Swedish treebank, containing both spoken and written language.
    The symposium is financed by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation
    and is the first step towards a large-scale Swedish treebank project for
    which support will be sought from several sources. There are also plans
    to initiate a Nordic collaboration project in this area. The first day will
    be devoted to the general problems of building a treebank, while the second
    day will focus on the special problems of building a Swedish treebank.
    (The official conference language will be English for the first day and
    Swedish for the second day.) The symposium will take place at Teleborgs
    slott on the campus of Växjö University 28-29 November 2002. Participation
    is free of charge.

    Topics of interest

    We invite submission of extended abstracts (maximum 1500 words) on topics
    relevant to the building of a Swedish treebank, including but not limited to:

    - grammatical theory, analysis and coding
    - software for automatic and interactive grammatical analysis
    - selection of data from spoken and written Swedish
    - requirements and desiderata from user perspectives
    - experiences from previous treebank projects

    Abstracts (in plain text, Postscript or PDF) should be sent to Joakim Nivre
    ( no later than August 15, 2002 (only electronic submission
    is accepted). Notification of acceptance will be issued September 15, 2002.
    Those who wish to attend without offering a paper are asked to briefly
    motivate their interest, as the number of participants is limited.

    Organizing Committee

    Joakim Nivre, Växjö University (chair)
    Lars Ahrenberg, Linköpings universitet
    Lars Borin, Stockholm University
    Rolf Carlson, KTH
    Beáta Megyesi, KTH

    Invited Speakers

    Thorsten Brants, PARC, Palo Alto
    Jan Hajic, Charles University Prague

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