Corpora: A new project: Open Mind Word Expert

From: Rada Mihalcea (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 09:04:09 MET DST

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    We would like to inform you about a recently started project, "Open
    Mind Word Expert", which is part of the Open Mind initiative, and aims at
    creating large sense tagged corpora with the help of Internet users.

    The OMWE system is running at

    Since the official launch of the system at the beginning of April, we
    collected about 6000 tagged instances at virtually no cost. Based on
    previous experiences with Open Mind type of approaches, we expect a
    significant increase in time of the amount of labeled data collected
    through this site.

    We would like to point out two important features that many of you might
    find of interest:

    1. The site is designed such that it can be used as a teaching aid. We are
    already aware of several courses that had assignments or exams based on
    this site, where students get a good grasp on the various meanings that
    a word might have by tagging several word examples. The 'project' feature
    allows the project administrator to monitor the tagging done by the users
    registered with that particular project.

    2. The data collected through this site is made freely available for
    research purposes. You can download and use the corpus for your own
    experiments in Word Sense Disambiguation, Machine Learning, or any other
    research related experiments.

    We feel that this project can create a valuable resource for the research
    community. A project of this nature, however, succeeds because of its
    participants, not its designers. If you feel that this is a worthwhile
    project, please spread the word. It would be particularly helpful if
    you link to us from a web site you maintain.

    So far, we have been profiled at: (May 6, 2002)
    "Open Mind Word Expert"
    Tim Chklovski, MIT
    Rada Mihalcea, UTD

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