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Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 05:56:54 MET DST

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    Dear List Members

    I recently asked for information/recommendations regarding (post) MA level courses for someone who had some basic knowledge of corpus linguistics relating to TEFL but who wanted a reasonably practical course for further teaching/research purposes.

    Although those who replied were very careful to send me personal messages and not use the list as an advertising opportunity I still feel it may be useful to give a brief summary of what I have been sent.

    Thanks to:

    Eric Atwell

    Anna Cermakova

    David Lee

    Salkie Raf

    Ute Romer

    John Sinclair

    Ute Romer noted that a he had posted a similar query to the list recently a summary of which is at

    He also pointed me towards Michael Barlow's website at which has a list of on-line courses.

    Salkie Raf pointed me towards two courses run at the University of Brighton. One a summer school course in lexicography and computing. Information at <>

    The second an MSc in Lexicography and Lexical Computing, Information at

    This course offers the possibility of doing individual modules.

    Anna Cermakova and John Sinclair directed me towards The Tuscan Word
    Centre at which runs short intensive courses in Corpus Linguistics, and is
    currently recruiting for two in June 2002. One is research focused the other teaching focused.

    Finally David Lee pointed me towards his website at (specifically the
    "Courses, FAQs, Info, E-Lists" page) where there are links to several related syllabuses.

    Thanks to everyone again

    Calum Smollett



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