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Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 21:43:04 MET DST

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    Dear List Members,

    Some time ago, I had asked for information about verbs in LSPs. Here is a
    short summary with many thanks to the following people, for their helpful
    - Sabine Bergler
    - Gemma Boleda
    - François Maniez
    - Gordon Cain
    - Jennifer Pearson

    1. M. C. L'Homme has worked on verb collocations in French and English for
    computing: among others:
    L’Homme, M.C. (1998) : « Le statut du verbe en langue de spécialité et sa
    description lexicographique. » Cahiers de lexicologie 73 (2), pp. 61-84.
    L'Homme, M.C. (1997): "Organisation des classes conceptuelles pour l'accès
    informatisé aux combinaisons lexicales spécialisées verbe + nom(terme)",
    Actes des deuxièmes rencontresterminologie et intelligence artificielle,
    TIA-97, 3-4 avril 1997, p.161-174. Toulouse, Université Toulouse Le Mirail.

    2. Sabine Bergler has worked on the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics
    of reporting verbs in American newspapers (not as specialized as
    computing,or medical research though).
    Some publications are available on her Web page:
    -Sabine Bergler 1995. Generative Lexicon Principles for Machine
    Translation: A Case for Meta-lexical Structure, Journal
    of Machine Translation 9(3).
    -Sabine Bergler 1995. From Lexical Semantics to Text Analysis, in P.
    Saint-Dizier and E. Viegas (eds), Computational
    Lexical Semantics , Cambridge,UK:Cambridge University Press.
    - James Pustejovsky, Sabine Bergler, and Peter Anick 1993. Lexical Semantic
    Techniques for Corpus Analysis
    Computational Linguistics 19(2) Reprinted in: Susan Armstrong (ed) Using
    Large Corpora Cambridge, MA:MIT Press,
    -Sabine Bergler 1993. Semantic Dimensions in the Field of Reporting Verbs,
    in Proceedings of the Ninth Annual
    Conference of the University of Waterloo Centre for the New Oxford English
    Dictionary and Text Research , Oxford,
    England, September 1993.
    -Peter Anick and Sabine Bergler 1992. Lexical Structures for Linguistic
    Inference, in J. Pustejovsky and S. Bergler (eds),
    Lexical Semantics and Knowledge Representation Berlin:Springer Verlag.
    -Sabine Bergler 1992. The Evidential Analysis of Reported Speech. PhD
    dissertation, Brandeis University, Massachusetts. Available through UMI.

    2. Sabine Schulte im Walde has worked in the semantics and syntax
    (subcategorisation frames) of verbs (more on general language). Her work
    can be accessed on her Web page:

    3. Diana McCarthy has written a Ph. D. on Lexical Acquisition at the
    Interface: Diathesis Alternations, Subcategorization Frames and Selectional
    Preferences. Her Ph.D and papers on a related topic are accessible on her
    Web page:

    4. Averil Coxhead developed the Academic Wordlist which contains words
    (all POS, then alos verbs) in various subject areas.
    Her work can be accessed on this home page:

    Thanks again for all the information.

    Natalie Kübler

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