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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 10:31:15 MET DST

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    Dear Calum and others,

    I had posted a similar query to the CORPORA list a couple of weeks ago
    and posted a summary of the replies I received and a tentative schedule
    of the CL course I'm teaching this term to the list on April 16th. You
    can find this summary (and course plan) at

    To start with, there is a list of online CL courses on Michael Barlow's
    website at (somewhere
    towards the bottom of the page).

    Maybe this helps!
    Best wishes from Cologne... Ute

    Calum Smollett schrieb:

    > Dear All
    > I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some information
    > regarding the existence of any corpus linguistics courses.
    > Just to give a clearer picture, I have recently completed an MA
    > programme in TEFL, in which I have used concordancers, wordlists etc.
    > using Wordsmith Tools.
    > I am therefore looking for something reasonably practical for future
    > research/teaching purposes, possibly a summer course, but ideally an
    > on-line or distance-mode course which would cover areas such as
    > parsing, POS tagging, research issues, TEFL classroom possibilities
    > etc. to build on the reasonably basic knowledge that I've got already.
    > I am not looking for another MA programme in Corpus Linguistics.
    > Any recommendations would be gratefully received.
    > Thanks
    > Calum Smollett
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