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                                T A G + 6
                           P R O G R A M

                   6th International Workshop on
            Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks

                           20-23 May 2002
                           Venice, Italy

                          INVITED SPEAKERS
                            Joan Bresnan
                          Guglielmo Cinque
                             Jan Hajic


    All presentations will take place in the Auditorium
    Santa Margherita, Campo Santa Margherita.

    Monday, May 20

    4:00 Presentation of the Conference

    4:15 Compositional Semantics for Relative Clauses in
           Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars
           Chung-Hye Han (Simon Fraser)

    4:45 Putting weakly context-free formalisms in order
           David Chiang (Pennsylvania)

    5:30 Supertagging for Combinatory Categorial Grammar
           Stephen Clark (Edinburgh)

    Tuesday, May 21

    9:30 Learning languages from positive examples with
           Jerome Besombes and Jean-Yves Marion (LORIA)

    10:00 Towards a dynamic version of TAG
           Vincenzo Lombardo (Torino) and Patrick Sturt (Glasgow)

    10:45 Resumptive pronouns, wh-island violations and sentence
           Cassandra Cresswell (Pennsylvania)

    11:45 Statistical Morphological Tagging and Parsing of
           Korean with an LTAG Grammar
           Chung-Hye Han (Simon Fraser) and Anoop Sarkar

    12:15 INVITED SPEAKER - Joan Bresnan (Stanford)

    1:15 Lunch

    3:00 Notes on the Complexity of Complex Heads in a
           Minimalist Grammar
           Jens Michaelis (Potsdam)

    3:30 Learning Mirror Theory
           Gregory M. Kobele, Travis Collier, Charles Taylor, and
           Edward Stabler (UCLA)

    4:00 Poster Session

    5:00 Quantification over possible worlds in LTAG:
           some constraints
           Maribel Romero (Pennsylvania)

    5:30 One More Perspective on Semantic Relations in TAG
           James Rogers (Earlham)

    6:00 Locality Structure - an alternative to the TAG
           derivation structure basis for semantics
           Laura Kallmeyer (Paris 7)

    Wednesday, May 22

    9:30 A Proof System for Tree Adjoining Grammars
           Adi Palm (Passau)

    10:00 Tree-Adjoining Grammars as Abstract Categorial
           Philippe de Groote (LORIA)

    10:30 NL-diamond grammars are context free
           Gerhard Jaeger (ZAS)

    11:00 Poster Session

    12:00 Parsing MCS languages with Thread Automata
           Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie (INRIA)

    12:30 Evaluation of LTAG Parsing with Supertag Compaction
           Olga Shaumyan, John Carroll, and David Weir (Sussex)

    1:00 Lunch

    3:00 Korean-English MT and S-TAG
           Mark Dras (Macquarie) and Chung-Hye Han (Simon Fraser)

    3:30 INVITED SPEAKER - Jan Hajic (Charles University,

    4:30 Coffee break

    5:00 Clustering for Obtaining Syntactic Classes of Words
           from Automatically Extracted LTAG Grammars
           Tadayoshi Hara, Yusuke Miyao, and Jun-ichi Tsujii

    5:30 DTAG? Attempt to generate a useful TAG for German using
           a metagrammar
           Kim Gerdes (Paris 7)

    6:00 A New Metagrammar Compiler
           B. Gaiffe, B. Crabbe, A. Roussanaly (Loria)

    Thursday, May 23

    9:30 "Long" Transformations in TAG
           Seth Kulick (Pennsylvania)

    10:00 INVITED SPEAKER - Guglielmo Cinque (Venezia)

    11:00 Coffee Break

    11:30 Cross-Serial Dependencies in Tagalog
           Anna Maclachlan (Discern) and Owen Rambow (AT&T

    12:15 Reranking an N-Gram SuperTagger
           John Chen, Srinivas Bangalore, Michael Collins, and
           Owen Rambow (AT&T Research)

    12:45 Hidden Markov Model-based Supertagging in a
           user-initiative dialogue system
           Jens Baecker and Karin Harbusch (Koblenz-Landau)

    For further information, including registration and
    accomodations, see the conference web page at:

    Plese note that because of the difficulty of arranging
    accomodations in Venice during the summer, we suggest that
    anyone intending to come to TAG+6 should make hotel
    reservations as soon as possible.

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