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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 14:06:54 MET DST

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    Ramesh said:
    > ... perhaps *the* earliest publication of linguistic research using an
    > electronic corpus was: ...

    ...but don't forget even earlier Corpus Linguistics research done
    without computers. For example modern Language Engineering researchers
    extract Zipf distributions and Markov models from corpora; this was
    done earlier "by hand" :

    Zipf, George Kingsley (1936) "The psycho-biology of language : an
    introduction to dynamic philology" London : G. Routledge & sons

    Markov, A.A. (1913) "Essai d'une recherche statistique sur le texte du
    roman 'Eugene Onegin' illustrant la liaison des epreuve en chain"
    Izvestia Imperatorskoi Akademii Nauk (Bulletin de l'Academie Imperiale
    des Sciences de St-Petersbourg) 7:153-162.

    Does anyone have an earlier citation???

    Eric Atwell

    PS Leeds library has Zipf book but I dont actually have a copy of Markov paper,
    I copied the citation from Jurafsky&Martin(2000) "Speech and Language
    Processing" Prentice Hall - can someone let me have a copy please PLEASE?

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