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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 11:03:37 MET DST

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    not sure if this is too late but just in case its helpful:
    I noticed your list of respondents overlaps with but isnt identical to
    Michael Barlow's list of Courses in Corpus Linguistics at

    Courses in Corpus Linguistics
    - Tutorial: Concordances and Corpora Cathy Ball, Georgetown.
    - Gunnel Källgren: Methods and Tools for Large-Scale Corpus Linguistics
    - Eugene Charniak: Statistical course
    - Elisabeth Burr: Korpuslinguistik course
    - Tony Berber Sardinha: Corpus Linguistics courses: 1998-1999; 2000
    - Mark Davies: History of the Spanish Language; Assignments and projects
    - Chris Brew: Statistical NLP; Probablistic modelling
    - Javier Perez-Guerra: English linguistics (written in Galician)
    - Bilge Say: Using Corpora for Language Research
    - Sabine Reich: Corpus course

    Anyone setting up a Corpus Linguistics course in future could check these
    out too...

    Eric Atwell

    > Dear list members,
    > I'd like to thank all of you who responded to my query on 'How to
    > organise a corpus linguistics course'! I knew that there were some nice
    > corpus linguists out there but I didn't know you were so many! A big
    > "THANK YOU" goes to:
    > Petra Maier
    > Tylman Ule
    > Nadja Nesselhauf
    > Tony Berber Sardinha
    > Damon Allen Davison
    > Bilge Say
    > ? Rykov
    > Francois Maniez
    > Frank H. Müller
    > Oliver Mason
    > Geoffrey Williams
    > Anke Lüdeling
    > Detmar Meurers.
    > The comments you made helped me to make decisions about texts to choose
    > and about how to structure the course. Attached to this email ...

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