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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 20:24:30 MET DST

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            ELSNET's Directory of Language and Speech Technology
                      Experts and Organisations
       Find language and speech technology experts all over the world,
       -- and be found if you are an expert yourself!

       ELSNET has just taken over the responsibility for the former
       joint ELSNET / STN directory of experts in the field of
       language and speech processing and related areas. This
       directory is intended to provide direct access to the top
       experts in these fields. At this moment the directory includes
       900 experts from 56 countries all over the world, both from
       the academic and from the industrial community.
       Connected to this directory we have a directory of language
       and speech technology organisations, containing over 2500
       private and public companies, service providers, research
       labs, etc.

       At this moment you can browse the list by name (in alphabetic
       order) or by country, and the pages have been submitted to all
       major search engines. A keyword search facility is provided.

       Visit the experts directory at
       and the organisations directory at
       and add your own and your organisation's profile if they are
       not already included.

       Please note that your data will be publicly available on the
       web, but that we will not hand them over to third parties or
       use them for mass mailings that are not connected to the
       maintenance of the directory or the network as a whole.

       ELSNET is the European Network of Excellence in Human Language
       Technologies, established in 1991, and supported by the
       European Commission.

    Steven Krauwer, ELSNET coordinator, UiL-OTS, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, NL
    phone: +31 30 253 6050, fax: +31 30 253 6000, email:

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