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    4 Senior or Staff Scientists in Language Modelling
    5 Senior or Staff Scientists in Adaptive Language Modelling

    Work on a large international project hosted at Vox Generation Ltd. Vox
    is building a scientific team of 18 individuals to focus on full
    mixed-initiative conversational dialogue systems. In this role, you
    will research and innovate new techniques in Unified Hierarchical
    Language Modelling for training conversational dialogue systems. This
    project is partnered with SpeechWorks International on the development
    of new language modelling techniques.

    The Adaptive Dialogue Management will fuse multi-modal input with
    conversational speech. The ADM will model the user dependent behaviour
    of preferred interaction modes, as will the language model.

    We seek an individual with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Physical
    Sciences or Engineering/Mathematics. Quantitative Computational
    Linguists with experience in statistical language modelling or
    statistical language processing sought. Requirements include: excellent
    programming skills in Perl. Preferable skills in Java or C++.
    Analytical background in mathematics or hard sciences preferred at
    Bachelor's level. Strong grades on A levels.

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    In the Windows environment there are a number of applications that allow
    one to compare lists. There is a diff one for Windows, and there is the
    file compare (fc) utility (far more versatile in Win NT and later).
    There are also some tools inside other applications. I can recommend
    Windows Commander (a sort of shell), which is very clear in showing what
    the difference is, TextPad also shows you the differences. You can even
    use Word, or a comparable word-editing package, to compare two texts,
    including lists.
    Tadeusz Piotrowski

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    > Hi Maritza
    > I think you should use detailed consistencie tool (in the
    > wordlist programme), since it can tell you how quite
    > acuratelly how many lexicon is shared by two wordlists
    > go to wordlist > compararison > consistency (detailed
    > I hope it helps
    > []s Rod
    > --------------------
    > R.E. de Lima-Lopes
    > GNU/Linux User # 182240
    > On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Van den Heuvel M Mev wrote:
    > > Hi everybody,
    > >
    > > I'm having a spot of trouble with the Wordlist tool in the
    > Wordsmith
    > > suite that I hope someone out there can help me with. I want to
    > > compare two almost identical word lists containing the entries of a
    > > pronunciation lexicon. There are some inconsistencies between the
    > > lists, i.e. items missing in the one that should be in the
    > other and
    > > vice versa. I need to identify the missing words. I thought that I
    > > could use the "compare word lists" function in Wordlist for this
    > > purpose by setting the minimum frequency to 1 word, but it's not
    > > working. I'm obviously doing something wrong.
    > >
    > > If you don't have a quick answer to the Wordsmith problem,
    > but know of
    > > another tool that could help me do just this one little task with a
    > > few button clicks, I would also appreciate your response!
    > >
    > > TIA.
    > >
    > > REgards
    > > Maritza van den Heuvel
    > >
    > >
    > > Research Unit for Experimental Phonology
    > > STellenbosch University
    > > South Africa
    > >
    > >

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