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Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 14:41:31 MET DST

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                  MSc in Lexical Computing and Lexicography
                         ITRI, University of Brighton

                            To start: October 2002

                        A groundbreaking MSc programme

    The MSc links two fast-growing areas in research and commerce.
    Modern dictionaries are compiled through increasing use of language
    technology, while language technology applications demand lexical
    resources of ever-increasing quality to improve their performance.

    Combining theory and practical training, the course will equip
    students to analyse language data, write entries for dictionaries and
    computer lexicons, plan lexical resource projects and process language
    corpora by automatically extracting salient information. It presents
    an ideal opportunity for recent graduates in languages, linguistics or
    computer science to acquire specialized skills and for experienced
    professionals to build on their expertise.

    The course is designed for both full and part-time study.

    The contact hours for each taught module are compressed into an
    intensive week. Individual modules may be taken as standalone courses
    for professional development, with attendance in Brighton only
    required for the intensive week.

    The Information Technology Research Institute is a specialist research
    institute dedicated to language engineering and computational
    linguistics. The course takes place in Brighton, Britain's newest
    seaside city, a vibrant, exciting and cosmopolitan place, one hour
    from London.

    Find out more about the course at
    For a course pack, email

          Adam Kilgarriff
          Course Leader

    Adam Kilgarriff
    Senior Research Fellow tel: (44) 1273 642919
    Information Technology Research Institute (44) 1273 642900
    University of Brighton fax: (44) 1273 642908
    Lewes Road
    Brighton BN2 4GJ

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