Corpora: Wordsmith question

From: Van den Heuvel M Mev (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 11:13:22 MET DST

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm having a spot of trouble with the Wordlist tool in the Wordsmith suite
    that I hope someone out there can help me with. I want to compare two almost
    identical word lists containing the entries of a pronunciation lexicon.
    There are some inconsistencies between the lists, i.e. items missing in the
    one that should be in the other and vice versa. I need to identify the
    missing words. I thought that I could use the "compare word lists" function
    in Wordlist for this purpose by setting the minimum frequency to 1 word, but
    it's not working. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

    If you don't have a quick answer to the Wordsmith problem, but know of
    another tool that could help me do just this one little task with a few
    button clicks, I would also appreciate your response!


    Maritza van den Heuvel

    Research Unit for Experimental Phonology
    STellenbosch University
    South Africa

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