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Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 12:33:07 MET DST

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    Dear list members,
    I asked for advice about how to organize a new course in corpus based
    linguistics about a week ago and received many useful answers. I wish to
    thank :
    Lou Burnard, Tony Jappy, François MANIEZ, Antonio Balvet, Geoffrey
    WILLIAMS, Hilde Hasselgard, John Osborne, Kate Beeching , Mike Scott, elena
    tognini bonelli, P bI K O B_ , Tony Berber Sardinha, Ute Römer, Tylman Ule.

    Most of the people who give courses in CBL teach more advanced students and
    have more time.

    The following corpora were recommended :
    BNC World, BNC Sampler, the Longman Corpus, ICAME CD-ROM
    Collins Wordbanks Online
    for all kinds of English texts in electronic format: the famous Project

    Tools :
    WordSmith Tools, SARA
    Intex, développé par Max Silberztein, voir
    "Concapp" ( ), a good program and it
    may appeal to the students because it is free of charge.

    Tognini Bonelli, E. 2001. Corpus Linguistics at Work. Amsterdam: John Benjamin.
    PARTINGTON A. 1998. Patterns and Meanings, Amsterdam : John Benjamin's
    Kennedy G. 1998. An introduction to Corpus Linguistics. Longman
    SINCLAIR J. McH., 1991 Corpus, Concordance, Collocation. Oxford: Oxford
    University Press.
    The BNC Handbook

    Sites esp. of colleagues doing similar courses
    the site of the Scuola per Interpreti e Traduttori, Forli, Univ. of
    Bologna: (go to research and then to Corpus
    for uses and exercises about CL in the classroom, Tim Johns, one of the
    and our own www site, where we run short intensive courses (5-7 days) on
    the uses of Corpus Linguistics for different applications:

    Work to expect from the students : personal research on a chosen subject,
    contrastive work.
    Personal conclusions
    The big news is that Lou Burnard has offered to come to Paris to sort out
    our installation failure. So we will use the BNC World with SARA maybe
    starting with the Sampler. I have also used WordSmith Tools and enjoyed it
    although I still have a lot to learn but having to teach it is the best
    incentive. Now I have to select carefully what to do in only 6 two-hour
    classes alternating with lexicology lectures (mainly on word formation).
    Thanks to all. This list is great!
    I will try and come to Lorient to meet the colleagues in CBL in France.
    Please forgive me if I failed to mention some people or resources that came
    my way.

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