Corpora: MPhil course in Corpus Linguistics

From: Anna Cermakova (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 14:01:03 MET

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

For the study year 2002/2003, the University of Birmingham offers,
for the second time, an MPhil course in Corpus Linguistics. This
one-year course combines teaching of the theory and methodology
of corpus linguistics, training in the application of corpus-related
software, and participation in research carried out at the
Birmingham Centre for Corpus Linguistics
( Issues include the lexicography of
units of meaning, collocation extraction, language change,
translation equivalence and the application of corpus linguistics for
language engineering.

Please find attached a detailed description of our MPhil course. I
would appreciate if you could make this text available to interested
students and display it on a notice board.

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Wolfgang Teubert

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Centre for Corpus Linguistics
Department of English
Birmingham B15 2TT
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