Corpora: Idiomaticity in NLP (query)

From: Ivo Sanchez (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 22:25:17 MET

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    Dear list members:

    I am looking for references on quantitative results about the differences
    between employing pure distributional approaches to NLP applications and
    analyses that take into account any dimension of idiomaticity (mostly
    co-lexicalization). So for example I'd like to find some paper that compares
    the performance of an Automatic Translation system that translates
    word-by-word "make a difference" into "hace una diferencia" vs. a system
    that translates words according to their collocates "make a difference" into
    "HAY una differencia" or a syntactic engine that analyzes strings such as in
    front of as a PP instead of as simply a P.
    Any other thoughts on this issue will also be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,
    Ivo Sanchez

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