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Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 18:12:56 MET

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    Dear Ute (and Beatrice and list-members),

    if you want to work on German in your corpus class: there is a very nice
    tool for tagging and morphological analysis called MORPHY which you
    could use. I like it a lot for teaching purposes because it is easy to
    understand and to use - you can change a number of parameters and
    directly see the consequences. Another bonus is that the documentation
    on MORPHY is very well-written. The two texts given below are so clear
    that students will be able to understand it without too much prior
    MORPHY can be downloaded from
    The documentation can be downloaded from
    For students I would especially recommend Rapp and Lezius (2001) and
    Lezius, Rapp & Wettler (1998).

    If you are still looking for (short) research papers, look at the
    proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics Conference in Lancaster, 2001:
    there are a number of very interesting topics.

    Since I also have to teach corpus linguistics I am very interested in
    any other replys you receive.

    Best wishes,

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