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       I'll read my lectures in mid-April also.

       As to me - I plan to follow McEnery's CL book and Cathrine Ball's course - both are in WWW.

       My only problem is: I prefer BUC as best for studying and I had it for free on mainframe tape. But I can not get it - because it is for fee now.

    >Dear CORPORA list members,
    >I would like to join Beatrice Vautherin in her query on "How to organize a
    >CL course". I too am planning my first corpus linguistics course with
    >thirteen 90-minute sessions, starting April 15th. Unfortunately I won't be
    >able to use a computer lab and have real hands-on sessions as we don't have
    >the facilities and the group of students will probably be quite large (not
    >possible to limit numbers, so I might end up with 50+ students). In order
    >not to give an exclusively theoretical introduction to CL I decided to have
    >laptop+beamer ready throughout the course for software demos and corpus
    >Having made a list of the topics I want to include, my main problem is now
    >to make decisions on how much time to spend on what. How much time will I
    >need to deal with technical aspects of corpus
    >compilation/design/annotation/typology etc. How many sessions should I spend
    >on "CL and linguistic theory/theories", how many on corpus
    >analysis/application and how many fields of application can be dealt with if
    >I have let's say 8 sessions for that topic?
    >Then I still need to find some more short articles (not longer than 10-12
    >pages) I could give to my students to prepare short oral presentations. Will
    >selected sections from (introductory) CL textbooks be more useful for this
    >purpose than descriptions of specific research projects?
    >Would be great if anyone of you could help! Thanks very much in advance!
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    >> Dear list members,
    >> I am seeking advice on the best way to organize a corpus linguistics
    >> in my English department. Starting in february 2003, 2 hours every other
    >> week for 12 to 13 weeks (that is our second semester) so about twelve
    >> altogether. I can have a computer room with 10-12 PCs.
    >> I would like to know what corpora and what tools to buy (my BNC-World
    >> failed to install and I sent the CDs back). Of course the less money I ask
    >> for, the happier my head of department will be. Still I want the students
    >> to have hands-on sessions with software that runs smoothly so as not to
    >> them off corpus linguistics for ever. They are second-year students in
    >> France (Paris-Sorbonne Nouvelle) studying for a degree in English.
    >> Thanks for your help. I will post a summary of the numerous replies I
    >> Beatrice Vautherin
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