Corpora: job at NYU: parallel text processing

From: Dan Melamed (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 01:50:37 MET

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        R E S E A R C H S C I E N T I S T / E N G I N E E R

    The Proteus Project at New York University seeks a scientist/engineer
    to join our growing team. The primary responsibility of the position
    will be to help us fulfill our contractual R&D obligations in the area
    of statistical machine translation and related applications. Naturally,
    we also hope that you will become intellectually engaged in our
    ambitious research program, both for its enrichment and yours.

    The position will be open until filled, and is expected to start in
    June or soon thereafter. A PhD in a relevant field is preferred, but
    highly qualified applicants without one will also be considered.

    To apply, please send your CV, your salary expectations, contact info
    for 3 references, and answers to the questionnaire at
    to the undersigned. If you attend the HLT'02 conference, you may also
    contact Dr. Melamed there in person.

    More information about the Proteus Project is on the web at New York University is
    located in Greenwich Village, the intellectual and cultural epicenter
    of one of the most fun cities in the world.
    Dr. I. Dan Melamed
    719 Broadway Avenue
    New York, NY, 10003
    or email melamed at cs dot nyu dot edu

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