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Date: Sun Mar 21 1999 - 20:18:15 MET

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    Constantina Stamou a écrit:

    > Dear list members,
    > this is what I received on my query about metrical scanners for English verse:
    > Thank you very much for your responses.
    > Constantina
    > From: Jason Eisner <>
    > Not aware of anything, but such a system could be built.
    > The first step is to find the stressed syllables when the poem is read
    > as prose. This might be approximated by looking up the dictionary
    > pronunciations of the words. In general, however, the stress pattern
    > sometimes depends on part of speech ("progress," "content," etc.) and
    > even on context.
    > Text-to-speech systems have to solve this problem, and you may be
    > able to use such a system to convert your poem to a phonological
    > representation that accurately marks syllables and their stresses.
    > Now you have to get from the stress pattern to a tag indicating the
    > meter type. Hand-written heuristics may suffice for this, though
    > sloppy meter is perhaps harder to recognize than strict meter. Another
    > option would be to annotate some examples with tags and train a
    > statistical model on them. For example, an HMM whose state records
    > the last few observations (stress, no-stress, line break) as well as
    > the hidden current tag.
    > -cheers, jason eisner
    > From: Susan Hockey <>
    > You can find some discussion of computers and metrical
    > scansion in my book Electronic Texts in the Humanities,
    > OUP 2000. The success of this technique depends to
    > a large extent on the natural language and the specific metre.
    > Susan Hockey
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