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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 20:19:33 MET

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           * Switchboard-2 Phase III Audio *

    The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) is pleased to announce the
    availability of the Switchboard-2 Phase III Audio. This twenty CD-ROM
    publication contains audio speech data suitable for research,
    development, and evaluation of automatic systems in:

    speech-to-text conversion
    talker identification
    language identification
    speech signal detection

    The Switchboard-2 Phase III collection focused primarily on the American
    South. The project's goal was to target native speakers of
    English in the American South, balanced by gender, to participate in
    (10+) 5-6 minute conversations on a variety of telephone (land line)
    handsets. The LDC collected a total of 2,657 calls, or 5,314 sides, from
    640 participants (292 Male, 348 Female), under varied environmental

    The Switchboard-2 Phase III Audio release contains speech data files
    only, along with documentation describing speaker information, call
    information, and audit information. The data files are not compressed.

    For further information, please visit:

    Institutions that have membership in the LDC during the 2002 Membership
    Year will be able to receive this corpus free of charge.
    Nonmembers may purchase this publication for $4000.


    If you need additional information before placing your order, or would
    like to inquire about membership in the LDC, please send email to
    <> or call (215) 573-1275.

    Linguistic Data Consortium Phone: (215) 573-1275
    3615 Market Street Fax: (215) 573-2175
    Suite 200 email:
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2608 www:

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