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From: alejandro curado (
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 19:05:02 MET

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    Dear all,
    I would greatly appreciate information on updated literature regarding corpus analysis indicators and formulae for readability purposes. In other words, new formulae, statistics and mesurements for pointing out difficulty levels in comprehension and production of discourse. Our project is particularly concerned with children's oral use of discourse when describing certain situations, thus we seek to establish well-defined indicators for measuring their performance of lexical data and structures. One example is useability of lexis according to specific contexts: measuring the use of that word by a learner within that situation vs. other learners in other situations.
    I would greatly appreciate any guidance and orientations in the current state of corpus linguistics

    Alejandro Curado
    Dpto. Lengua Inglesa
    E. Politécnica
    Informática y Telecomunicación
    Universidad de Extremadura
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