Corpora: tools for collaborative annotation

From: Steven Bird (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 20:34:04 MET

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    I'm wondering what software exists for collaborative annotation. By
    collaborative annotation I mean the process by which two or more people who
    may be geographically separated simultaneously assign linguistic tags to
    the same raw material (text, audio, video, ...). Each annotator is able to
    view the work of the others, taking it into consideration while annotating.

    For instance, a multilayer annotation containing some combination of prosodic,
    syntactic and discourse level markup may depend on critical judgements made
    by geographically separated specialists. The decisions made by any one of
    them may benefit from seeing the work of the others.

    (Non-examples are projects having a pipeline structure, where multiple
    layers are created one at a time, and where layer n annotation doesn't
    begin until layer n-1 is complete. Of course these are also collaborative
    to an extent, but the collaboration is not simultaneous and bidirectional.)

    Please let me know of any projects or tools that may be relevant.

    Many thanks,
    Steven Bird

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